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Developing her skills over the past 12 years, Chiclet has played countless raves, club residencies, radio shows, and special events in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, and Hong Kong, among other cities. Using her unique mixing style, technical skill, eclectic track selection, enthusiasm and tendency to dance behind the decks, Chiclet became the champion the 2009 Heineken DJ Battle of the Sexes. With her arsenal of music and skill, Chiclet continues to rock dancefloors across the city.
You can expect to hear Electro, Electro House, Breaks, Indie Dance and More!

There will be free mixes, free hugs, and just plain silliness to be had!

Chiclet loves chicken wings, bubble tea, and playing alongside her fellow resident DJs of Eclectic Groove

Also, visit her website at http://djchiclet.com



Ryan Frigault, aka gl.tch, aka DJ STUD400: I've always been a fan of music, in general, and I love how people react and are moved by it. As a dance music DJ, I'm inspired by: new wave, disco, funk, industrial, and all forms of modern electronic dance music. Playing anything from downtempo, to electro, to house, to full-on party tunes, I'll give you the perfect soundtrack for the occasion. Mash-ups, overdubs and effects, combined with an aggressive mixing style engage both the minds and the feet of my audience. With gl.tch in the system, things will never be the same.



Kris Hernandez began his passion and love for music at the early age of 11 and was influenced by the unique blend of new wave, alternative, funk, jazz, and disco eras. At his early age he was exposed to a lot of musical instruments and even played and been part of an alternative band. It didn’t take him long to adapt to the world of Djing, drawing inspiration mainly from everyone that surround him including his family. Over the years, Kris Hernandez was introduced to new types of genre of electronic music and you can hear him spin house, techno, breaks, funk and electro. Whether he's playing solo or sharing the day or night with fellow Dj’s, he always makes his presence felt by bringing new mixes and fresh tunes to the music scene.